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Swiss-China Business Sàrl


Welcome to Swiss-China Business Sàrl, a service company established in Fribourg, Switzerland 8th January 2008.


Our traditional services cover arranging business visits in Europe for Chinese enterprises (both state-owned and private) and business visits in China for Swiss enterprises, aiming to become a bridge to provide the best quality service for the enterprises in both countries. 


The Company’s new principal services include developing domestic and foreign markets, helping to import and export all types of procurement of goods, helping Chinese enterprises to set up offices in Switzerland,handling visa or permit issues in Switzerland, etc. We also provide reliable financial consultancies for Chinese investors in Switzerland.  Our company expertises in guiding Chinese millionaires to invest in real estate and to select appropriate financial products. We aim at becoming the bridge between the two countries in promoting the various non-political, cultural and economic exchanges to the in-depth development.

We are ready here in Switzerland to provide you with our best service.